School Board Layoff Pack – April 20!

Posted on April 19, 2010

Last week we asked you to come to the School Board meeting to convince the Trustees that the 237 layoff they were considering are unnecessary and damaging to our lives and our students’ lives.

Our pressure is working! Today the Board announced that they have reduced the number of layoffs they are considering from 237 to 187. While this is improvement, it is still not good enough. SDEA’s analysis of the District’s own data continues to demonstrate that the District can successfully close its projected budgetary gap without issuing any layoff notices.

Based on the District’s movement toward zero layoffs and the input of the probationary members who attended last week’s informational meetings, SDEA has agreed to extend the District’s deadline to issue layoff notices for one more week, to April 29. We need to spend that week continuing to put pressure on the Board to do the right thing and avoid issuing unnecessary layoff notices.

Once again, all of us need pack the School Board meeting on Tuesday, April 20 and make sure the Board hears us loud and clear. The only acceptable number zero, and we are the only ones who can make that happen.

When: Tuesday, April 20 at 5 p.m.

Where: SDUSD Education Center – 4100 Normal Street

Wear your red SDEA shirt!!!

If you are interested in speaking at the Board meeting, please contact SDEA Field Organizer Jonathon Mello at or 619-283-4411.

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