SDEA Members Elect Teacher Kevin Beiser to School Board

Posted on November 3, 2010

Last night’s election results showed the importance of SDEA’s members’ support and that voters value the work of San Diego’s educators. Though we were not able to overcome the uphill battle to pass Prop. J, we successfully elected a new School Board member, Kevin Beiser, who supports teachers and is committed to community-based reform. Scott Barnett also won and will be replacing long time incumbent John deBeck. Though SDEA members decided to remain neutral in the general election, our initial endorsement and his commitment to work with Board members Barrera and Evans on community school reform helped Barnett take out a 20-year incumbent.

Here’s a good quote from an election night article in the Voice of San Diego:

“In the School Board races, however, rejecting incumbents meant rejecting the dissidents. That means that even if voters opt for new faces when the numbers are finally tallied up, the results would push San Diego Unified in the same direction: towards a vision of school reform that is driven from the bottom, that sees the teachers union as an ally, not an enemy.”

Together We Are Stronger!

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