Action Alert: Tell the Board NO LAYOFFS on Feb. 22 and March 10!

Posted on February 11, 2011

On Feb. 10 the SDUSD School Board voted to approve two budgets to submit to the County — a worst-case scenario budget, and a budget that will be instituted if Governor Jerry Brown’s tax initiatives pass. The Board did not vote to issue any layoff notices yet — but they will consider a Particular Kinds of Services (PKS) vote at their meetings on on Feb. 22 and March 10 that will result in layoff notices to hundreds of SDEA members if passed. For the past three years, SDEA members have pulled together and fought back each and every unnecessary layoff notice our School Board has issued. This year is no different — it is time again to fight to protect our students and our schools!

On Feb. 22 and again on March 10, SDEA members must stand up and tell the School Board to keep cuts out of our classrooms.

When: 5 p.m. — Feb. 22 and March 10

Where: 4100 Normal St. — Eugene Brucker Education Center

Wear your red SDEA t-shirt, and bring a friend!

SDEA recognizes that our District faces a legitimate revenue problem based on years of underfunding by the state. But we also know that the District continues to base its budget projections on numbers that we all know are going to change and change again. And we know that despite what District central office staff might say about having cut all of the “low hanging fruit” already, there is still a great deal of internal streamlining that can occur to keep cuts away from our classrooms and our children. For example, three years into this budget crisis, the District instituted an incredibly costly and unnecessary new layer of middle management — the Area Superintendents — knowing full well that in doing so, money was being poured into the creation of new bureaucratic offices instead of into our classrooms. It’s hard to believe that far-reaching layoffs are necessary when Superintendent Angela Bass has the funds to purchase hundreds of Scripps cluster lapel pins, or to pull teachers out of class to attend non-curricular professional development.

SDEA members must work hard to ensure that Gov. Brown’s ballot initiatives pass to protect not only our own classrooms, but schools across the state. But we must also continue to hold our elected local School Board members’ feet to the fire by fighting damaging class size increases and unnecessary layoffs — which are tied directly together. We spent two years at the bargaining table with the District, and when they told us they needed us to give furlough days and healthcare concessions to protect our schools, we did! We did so to protect class sizes, counselors and nurses — not to fund more layers of middle-management. We gave the District what they told us they needed, and now they’re coming back for more. Enough is enough!

SDEA members have done our part, and now it’s time for the School Board to do theirs by making hard choices to streamline the District by cutting costly and unnecessary programs. We’ll see you on the 10th! Together We Are Stronger!

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