Wisconsin, Other States Attempt to Crush Public Sector Unions

Posted on February 18, 2011

All week we have watched as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has attempted to use budget shortfalls as an excuse to take away the future rights of more than 150,000 local and state workers. If passed, Walker’s budget could prohibit teachers and other public sector workers from negotiating anything other than wages (meaning an end to bargaining such basic rights such as health and welfare benefits, leaves, work hours, evaluations, etc.). It would also place other restrictions on public sector unions in Wisconsin (including the NEA affiliate in Wisconsin) that are so draconian in nature that unions there as we know them would cease to exist – possibly in a matter of months.
As of today, Gov. John Kasich is attempting to do the same thing in Ohio and there is similar talk across the country. But there is hope! Wisconsin and Ohio legislators are right now facing tens of thousands of protestors who have taken to the streets and Capitol buildings in a show of support of middle class workers’ rights. Below are excerpts from the fights in Wisconsin.

Let’s ensure that this does not happen in San Diego and California. Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines. Together we ARE stronger!

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