Posted on May 9, 2017

At the permanent member layoff hearing, laid off members and members designated to be “skipped” by SDUSD all received strong legal representation. At the end of the day all SDEA members were united around the fact that layoffs were arbitrary and destructive. Our attorneys clearly pointed out that the district laid-off FAR MORE members than their own projected worst case deficit deemed necessary. ┬áIn fact, the district’s CFO testified that they needed to reduce less than 500 certificated employees to address their projected deficit and yet issued close to 1,000 layoff notices.

The judge has issued his proposed ruling and found that the district did not have a valid case for skipping TK and Dual Language educators while upholding the district’s “skip” criteria for IB teachers. This ruling further illustrates that the layoffs were arbitrary and done without consideration for the impact on our schools and students. Regardless of whether or not the School Board adheres to the judge’s decision, a number of impacted members will have their layoff notices rescinded. We will not know who will be specifically impacted until after the school board vote on May 11th.

Please join your colleagues at the School Board actions on May 9th and 11th to demand that all layoffs be rescinded now.

In solidarity,

Lindsay Burningham

SDEA President

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