SDEA came prepared to bargain, District did not!

Posted on May 26, 2017

Bargaining Update

May 26, 2017

District Already Delaying at the Table

Yesterday marked our third bargaining session, and the District is already beginning to drag their feet in bargaining. SDEA came prepared to make two proposals. The District came prepared to make none.

The District showed up at 10:05 for our 9:30 bargaining session, and extended our one-hour working lunch to an hour and 50 minutes. What the District did have time for at the table was asking why in our Article 8: Hours proposal, SDEA’s team thought elementary teachers need 90 minutes of prep time each week (as opposed to the current 45-60 minutes). Apparently 90 minutes of prep in one week is excessive for elementary teachers, but top District administrators need more “prep time” than that in a single day—and they still failed to come back to the table with any counterproposals.

SDEA Comes Back Strong on Transfer Rights

SDEA made a strong counter proposal to the District’s May 19 Transfer proposal, which gutted our due process and seniority rights. The SDEA proposal ensures a fair and transparent transfer process for both voluntary and involuntary transfers. It maintains due process and seniority rights. It also establishes an inclusive and transparent interview and selection process through shared decision-making.

SDEA was prepared to present an additional proposal, Article 24: Shared Decision Making, but was unable to due to the District’s delays. At our next bargaining session scheduled for Thursday, June 8, your SDEA bargaining team will be prepared to present strong proposals for Article 24: Shared Decision Making, Article 13: Class Size and Article 11: Safety Conditions of Employment.

What’s Next? “Occupy” the Ed. Center!

Our next organizing action to support our “NO to LAYOFFS…YES to L.E.A.R.N.!” campaign is scheduled for Tuesday, May 30 at 4:15PM at the District Office (4100 Normal Street). Come join your fellow educators, parents, community and labor partners as we “Occupy” the Ed. Center. We will meet at the flag pole at 4:15PM, our occupy action will be from 4:30-4:45PM, and we will pack the School Board meeting at 5:00PM demanding that the Board recall ALL remaining laid off members and support our SDEA L.E.A.R.N. contract!

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