SDEA Makes Strong Class Size, Safety and Shared Decision-making Proposals; District Delays Continue

Posted on June 9, 2017

Bargaining Update

June 9, 2017

Today’s bargaining session was deja vu all over again. SDEA’s team came prepared to make three new initial proposals: Class Size, Safety and Shared Decision-making. SDUSD’s team brought no new proposals, and just one counterproposal that was limited to changing bargaining timelines.

Class Size

Lowering class size and caseloads is one of the five pillars of our L.E.A.R.N.! contract campaign! SDEA’s proposal includes:

  • Changing the grades TK-3 site average of 24-to-1 to a hard cap of 24.
  • Lowering the grades 4-6 class size from an average of 35 over 30 days to a hard cap of 30.
  • Further lowering class size for elementary combo classes.
  • Lowering the secondary class size from a hard cap of 36 to 32.
  • Changing the PE class size from an average of 50 over a ten-week period to a hard cap of 50.
  • Significantly lowering the caseloads for nurses and counselors and increasing site nurse and counselor allocations.

Click below for the full proposal:


When SDEA members bargain to make our working conditions safer, we are bargaining to make our students’ learning conditions safer. SDEA’s proposal includes:

  • An air conditioner in every classroom by fall 2018.
  • Guaranteeing adequate, safe workspaces for itinerant members and counselors.
  • Requiring the District to get stakeholder input on what restorative justice should look like for each involved school community, and to provide all necessary supports at schools where restorative justice is being implemented.

Click below for the full proposal:

Shared Decision-making

SDEA members know that our schools work best when those of who live and breathe at the school each day—educators, parents, classified staff, administrators, and even students—are involved in making decisions that impact our school communities. SDEA’s proposal includes:

  • Broadening stakeholder input into District education reform decisions.
  • Turning best practices for PLCs into contractual rights.
  • Pushing back against a culture of high-stakes testing in public education.

Click below for the full proposal:

Click below for SDUSD’s counterproposal on negotiation timelines:

In four sessions, SDEA has made six of our planned 13 initial proposals. We have responded to every District proposal, countering two and reaching a tentative agreement on a third.

In those same four sessions, SDUSD has made only three of their planned 26 initial proposals, and one counterproposal. When we asked what the expected timeline was for their remaining 23 proposals, they could not tell us.

SDEA will continue to push the pace as we fight for a fair, fast settlement for our L.E.A.RN.! contract campaign. If the District delays continue, we will move just as quickly towards filing an Unfair Labor Practice charge against the District to compel them to come to the table prepared and able to actually bargain.

Let’s Turn Up the Heat This Summer!

Join the SDEA Street Heat Team to be part of the action! Email with the subject line “Street Heat Team” for summertime alerts about short but intense actions that turn up the heat in the fight against layoffs and for a L.E.A.R.N.! union contract.

SDEA members can end the traditional school year with a bang by showing up at the School Board meeting on Tuesday, June 13 at 4:45 p.m. Let’s continue to voice our demand that Superintendent Marten and the School Board to recall every single one of the remaining 300+ layoffs, and turn their attention to bargaining a L.E.A.R.N! union contract. Be there, bring a friend, and wear red!

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