SDEA Proposes Raises in a Strong Settlement Package

Posted on October 25, 2017

Bargaining Update

October 24, 2017

Last week, SDEA’s bargaining team proposed a 2.5% raise for this year and a 3.5 % raise for next year. These raises would outpace cost-of-living adjustments and move our pay into the top half County-wide. Our proposal was part of a strong settlement package for a two-year contract that would also include:

  •         Fully paid family healthcare with all current options
  •         Better special education caseloads and supports
  •         Lower class size
  •         A new, fair transfer process
  •         Increased elementary enrichment/prep time
  •         Stronger work hours protections
  •         Paid maternity leave and expanded personal business leave
  •         Restoring the fully funded BTSA program for new teachers

In presenting our wage proposal, SDEA’s bargaining team scrubbed the District’s budget to make sure that our proposals are not only fair, but affordable. SDEA’s team asked pointed questions about the budget that the District’s team could not answer, and pointed out that the District’s historical pattern of underestimating revenues and overestimating costs continues. Meanwhile, the percentage of the District’s budget that is spent on educator salaries continues to steadily decline. That’s not a budget deficit problem. That’s a budget priorities problem.

SDEA’s package of proposals paves the way to a strong, fair, fast settlement. It is now time for Superintendent Cindy Marten and the School Board to agree.

District Disrespect at the Table Continues

On a day when they weren’t even presenting anything, the District’s bargaining team still managed to convey a serious lack of respect for those of us at schools and in the classrooms.

SDEA’s Special Education proposal includes new financial penalties for the District when they violate special educators’ caseloads. Our proposed penalty is $20 a day for every student above the caseload cap, until the District assigns enough staff to bring caseloads back down. The District has been treating special educator caseload caps as optional, so SDEA’s proposal creates a strong disincentive for future violations.

The District’s Director of Special Education responded by asking, wouldn’t that create an incentive for special educators to diagnose more students onto their caseloads so they can make more money? The SDEA bargaining team’s response was strong and clear. Educators are the ones fighting tooth and nail to get enough special education support for our students, while top District administration continues to cut student services to the bone. Not only are they violating our contract, they are violating our students’ rights under the law. And they think we are going to falsify student disabilities, adding to our own overwhelming workload, just to make 20 bucks? Shameful.

These comments simply continue the same pattern we’ve been seeing.

The District said, “We won’t give you ten personal business days because teachers might abuse it.” Then they said, “We won’t reimburse you for your property damaged at work unless you have an original receipt (on top of the police report you already have to file!) because teachers might abuse it.” And now they say, “We won’t compensate you for caseload overages because teachers might abuse it.”

Enough already! It’s time for the District to treat us with the respect we deserve by settling a fair contract with us and honoring it.

Let’s fight back on Nov. 8!

The SDEA bargaining team ended the meeting by delivering thousands of signatures from educators, parents and students across San Diego Unified in support of our L.E.A.R.N.! bargaining campaign and in support of our Nov. 8 Pop-Up Pickets to the SDUSD bargaining team.

Now we need to make good on our Nov. 8 promise! On Nov. 8, thousands of SDEA members will stand in solidarity with parents and students to support the fight for schools our students deserve! See your site Association Representative to make sure your school is ready for the Nov. 8 Pop-Up Picket. Together we are stronger!

All bargaining proposals:

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