Attacks Continue on Special Education

Posted on December 4, 2017

Bargaining Update

December 1, 2017

Bargaining Highlights

  • SDUSD made another regressive, concessionary proposal on Special Education. Their proposal would raise caseloads and lead to layoffs.
  • Tentative agreement was reached on increasing “no tell” personal days from three to eleven, a change that SDEA members have sought for years.
  • SDEA and SDUSD inched closer together on Shared Decision-making and Charter Schools, but no deals were reached.

Read below for additional details and full proposals.

Special Education: District Continues to Propose Caseload Increases

SDUSD proposed caseloads of 22 for all Education Specialist: Mild/Moderate teachers and Resource Specialists. This would be an increase of two for 465 special educators! Our schools need more special education teachers, not less. By increasing caseloads, the District could layoff dozens of special educators, continuing their path of balancing their budget on the backs of our neediest students.

Tentative Agreement Reached on Eleven “No Tell” Personal Days, Up from Three

In a victory that SDEA members have sought for years across many bargaining campaigns, yesterday SDEA and SDUSD agreed to language that increases our number of “no tell” personal days from three to eleven. These days will now be personal necessity days instead of personal business days, but can still be used at the discretion of the member. The new language removes the bar against attaching the leave to a vacation, and removes the current 48-hour noticing requirement. This is a step in the right direction on the part of the District, and is the same sort of movement we need to see in Shared Decision-making and other non-monetary issues still on the bargaining table.

This new benefit and all of the other improvements we bargain will not take effect until our entire contract is settled and ratified. The sooner we win our entire L.E.A.R.N. contract, the sooner we can enjoy our new hard-fought rights.

Slow Progress on Shared Decision-making and Charter Schools

SDEA’s team made a new proposal on Charter Schools, and both teams made proposals on Shared Decision-making. Our Charter Schools proposal would bring greater accountability to the co-location process, whereby charter schools take over unused space at District schools. Our Shared Decision-making proposal protects the rights of Program Governance Teams, and memorializes best practices around PLCs and assessments. The District accepted some but not all of our improvements. Shared Decision-making and Charter Schools are no-cost areas. The District needs to show respect to educators and accept all of our fair, no-cost proposals.

What Next?

Bargaining continues Dec. 11, Dec. 14 and into the new year. Almost all of our scheduled bargaining days are on Thursdays. Let’s kick off “Together Thursdays” by wearing SDEA red on Dec. 14 and every Thursday after that until we win a strong union contract.


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