District Continues to Claim Poverty with 0% Raise Proposal

Posted on February 2, 2018

 Bargaining Update

February 2, 2018

 Bargaining Highlights

  • The District again proposed a 0% raise for up to 3 years.
  • SDEA’s team made a strong special education proposal, and made clear that there simply will not be an agreement that includes increasing special educator caseloads.
  • Good progress is finally being made on several non-monetary items. That’s a step in the right direction, but won’t get us all the way to a settlement.

Read below for additional details and full proposals.

Where We’re Stuck: Wages, Special Education and Class Size

Yesterday the District once again proposed no raise for two and possible three years. That would drop SDEA members’ wages to the bottom quartile in the region. Plus, the District still has proposals on the table that could increase TK-12 class sizes and increase 465 Ed. Specialist: Mild/Moderate teachers’ caseloads by two students, both of which could trigger layoffs.

SDEA’s team has made clear: There will be no settlement that does not include a fair raise, and there will be no settlement that increases class sizes or special education caseloads. To that end, SDEA’s team made a special education proposal yesterday that would strengthen, rather than weaken our District’s ability to serve students with IEPs.

With the Governor’s proposed budget projected to increase funding to the District by at least $46 million in on-going and one-time money next year, and with significant swings in the District’s budget this fall, SDEA’s team still believes our proposals are fair and reasonable. Now is the time for District decision-makers to make educators and our students a priority.

Progress on Charter Schools, Salary Credit, Hours and Shared Decision-making

A tentative agreement was reached on a charter school article that will bring greater accountability to the co-location process, whereby charter schools take over space at District schools, and makes charter schools more transparent to stakeholders. A tentative agreement was also reached on the salary credit portion of our salary appendices. The new language will expand the types of courses and professional development members can take to receive salary credit.

The teams also moved closer to settlement on hours and shared decision-making, and SDEA’s team made a leaves proposal that would include three weeks of fully-paid maternity leave.

What’s Next?

There are three more bargaining dates on the calendar: Feb. 15, Feb. 22 and March 1, including a new date that was added yesterday. After March 1, SDEA’s bargaining team will evaluate if there is more we can do at the bargaining table, or if we have reached our crisis point. That’s why Wave 2 of our organizing plan builds up to a union-wide one-day Work-to-Rule action on March 13.

The District has shown they don’t value educators. On March 13, we’ll show the District our value by demonstrating what schools look like without the countless extra hours we provide to our students. Instead we will spend the afternoon at the School Board fighting to win the contract our students deserve—and ask parents to join us!

See your site Association Representative to find out how you can be a part of our powerful wave of action!

Don’t forget to participate in your school’s “Together Thursdays” by wearing SDEA red until we win a strong union contract!


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