About SDEA

Together We Are Stronger!

We are the San Diego Education Association. Our union represents more than 7,000 educators spanning grades pre-kindergarten through 12 in the San Diego Unified School District. SDEA is the second largest education union in California, and is affiliated with the California Teachers Association, the National Education Association and the AFL-CIO.

SDEA recognizes that our working conditions are the learning environment of San Diego’s children. We organize, we advocate, and we bargain to support public education in an era of politicized top-down reforms, inadequate funding, and anti-union legislation — all of which ultimately hurt our students. For nearly 100 years, SDEA has built a foundation of strength for San Diego’s educators and the communities we serve.

SDEA members are the backbone of our union. Members, staff and elected leaders do the critical work of defending our rights and giving voice to the struggles of our schools through our collective efforts. Now more than ever our solidarity defines our success in the labor movement and the movement to protect quality public schools for every child. Together we are stronger!