Everyone a Member!

With the impending ruling coming as early as this June on the Friedrichs vs. CTA Supreme Court case, it is more important than ever that the members of SDEA understand why joining and remaining an active member of SDEA is so important.

SDEA member leaders are mounting a membership engagement campaign in the form of a Fair Share Task Force that will shore up and strengthen SDEA for the rest of this year and beyond. This Task force is made up of approximately fifteen member leaders who represent the breadth and scope of our membership. Throughout the coming year, they will be out at sites holding educational meetings and reaching out to new educators as well as our veteran members to communicate the importance of being an active, engaged and proud member of SDEA. If SDEA is to stay relevant in a potentially post fair-share world, we all have to understand why being and remaining a member of SDEA is vital to the future of public education itself. Look for your site Association Representative to have more information in the coming months. Together we are stronger!

On this page you can find resources, links, videos, and member testimonials that will help you understand the threat that face in the form of the Friedrichs Vs. CTA supreme court case, along with the information and resources that will help help us stay strong in a potentially post fair share world.


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