SDEA Internal Elections

Spring 2017 Elections — SDEA Board of Directors, CTA State Council, NEA-RA

Fall 2016 — Wage Reopener Ratification

 AR/CR Site Elections

Association Representatives and Council Representatives are crucial in building a strong SDEA. Each spring, sites hold elections for these positions. The election materials for the 2016-2017 school year are now available for download:

SDEA General Elections

Each year, SDEA members have the opportunity to select representatives from among their colleagues to serve in a variety of elected positions. SDEA elections are held in accordance with the SDEA’s and CTA’s constitution, bylaws, standing rules, and procedures, available for download below.

Contact SDEA Elections Committee

If you need to contact the committee (Chair Karen Ellsworth, members Kandi Nieto, Bobbe Abts, Nora Navarrette, Peter Oskin, and Candyce Schauer), please email them at  This is the official contact email for the Elections Committee.  Please send all elections-related inquiries to this email.

If you have questions, please contact your Election Committee Chairs Karen Ellsworth at the email above. You can also speak to Larry Moreno at SDEA (619) 283-4411.