New Teacher Welcome

Letter from the President

July 27, 2016

Dear Fellow San Diego Educators,

I am excited to welcome you as a fellow educator in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD). We are the San Diego Education Association (SDEA), a union that represents over

7, 000 Pre-K-12 educators and visiting teachers in SDUSD. SDEA is the second largest education union in California and are part of a larger network of education and labor unions, including the California Teachers Association (CTA), the National Education Association (NEA) and the AFL-CIO. Like you, I am a classroom teacher having spent 10 years as a Kindergarten teacher at E.B Scripps Elementary.   Together, we are your union and YOU ARE SDEA!

Every day SDEA members, staff and elected leaders advocate, protect and stand up for the rights of the educators and students of San Diego. We stand together in support of public education and to ensure our educators and students are respected and have the schools and resources we ALL deserve. In 2012, we worked to support and pass Prop 30, which is now guaranteeing that more resources are coming to the students and educators of San Diego.

As members, staff and leaders of SDEA we continue to use our voices and collective strength to ensure that the resources are being directed to our students and the schools they learn in and we teach in every day. Our working conditions are the students learning conditions. Our last bargaining campaign, The Fight for 5, called for the district to make our students and classrooms a priority. The fight for 5 included:

  1. Pay and benefits to attract and keep the best and brightest educators in SDUSD.
  2. Lower class sizes across all grade levels.
  3. More counselors, nurses and special education support.
  4. More elementary enrichment opportunities for our students.
  5. Protecting our planning time so we can do our best teaching.

We are currently in contract negotiations for a salary increase for the 2016/17 school year. Also, in the Fall of 2016 our union will be conducting member input sessions for contract bargaining in 2017/18.

We must stand together and support one another as we work to protect and improve public education in San Diego, California and across the nation. As educators we experience many successes and challenges daily in our classrooms and SDEA is here to celebrate your successes and provide support in your challenges. Please reach out to your Site Association Representative (AR) who is elected by your peers to support you, as well as our staff and elected leaders at SDEA if you have any questions or concerns. You will receive regular communication from SDEA though e-mails, site meetings and the monthly SDEA Advocate (newsletter). Please read them as they will include important information, bargaining updates and calls for action. It is important to stay connected so make sure your personal email and contact information are on file.

Finally, thank you for choosing to become a fellow San Diego educator and dedicating your time to impact the lives and learning of the students in San Diego. Welcome to SDEA and the SDUSD family!

Together We Are Stronger and Together WE Are SDEA!

Burningham Signature




Lindsay Burningham

SDEA President / 619-283-4411

Resources for New SDEA Members:

If you have questions about membership or your contractual rights, your first point of contact is your site SDEA Association Representative (AR). To find out who your site AR is, call the SDEA office at 619-283-4411.