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Are Visiting Teachers protected by the union contract?                                

Yes!  Visiting Teachers (VTs) are members of SDEA just like other teachers and credentialed SDUSD employees.  Article 32 of the contract gives special rights to Visiting Teachers on wages, hours, job assignment, evaluations, Post and Bid access and interviews, and sick leave accrual.

 How much are Visiting Teachers paid?

SDEA members bargained the highest rate of pay for substitute teachers in San Diego County. Visiting Teachers in day-to-day positions are paid at $157.57 per day, while those in long-term assignments are paid $176.09 per day. A long-term assignment is more than five consecutive days in a single assignment (long-term rate starts on the sixth day) or work on a continuing basis in a cluster. A new rate was negotiated in 2015 for day-to-day Visiting Teachers who work 50% or more of a school year, called the “Established Rate.” For a 184-day work year, this means that after the 92nd day of work (starting on day 93), day-to-day Visiting Teachers will be compensated at this new rate, which is $166.83. There are different rates in Appendix D of the union contract for Visiting Teachers who work during the summer, for those that work in the Early Childhood Education program, and new rates for those that work at Visiting Speech Language Pathologists, School Psychologists, and Nurses.

Do I have the right to a prep period like other teachers?

Yes! The union contract protects Visiting Teachers’ right to a prep period. A Visiting Teacher is entitled to the same prep period as the teacher who you are substituting for. You can only be required by an administrator to use your prep period to cover another teacher’s class in the case of an unforeseen emergency. If you spend more than one hour in one academic year performing emergency class coverage during your prep period, you have the right to one hour of extra pay. When you exceed 1 hour of emergency class coverage in the academic year, document the work on the “Emergency Class Coverage” form, available in the resources section below. Submit the form to your supervisor at the site where you are asked to do the additional work for payment.A form is also.  Outside of the prep period, Visiting Teachers can only be reassigned if they mutually agree to do so with the administrator.

Can Visiting Teachers use sick leave?

Yes, as of July 1st, 2015, all Visiting Teachers have the right to use sick leave. Visiting Teachers accrue sick leave at the rate of one sick leave day for every 30 days worked in one school year. Once a Visiting Teacher has worked at least 30 days in a school year, they can utilize sick leave. Day-to-day Visiting Teachers are allowed to use 24 hours (three days) of sick leave per year, while long-term Visiting Teachers can use all sick leave that they have accrued in their bank. Visiting Teachers will be able to request sick leave in accordance with Article 32.8 of the union contract and the Side Letter between SDUSD and SDEA from 8/26/2015.  Click on this link for more information on sick leave usage procedures from SDUSD.

 Why does my SDUSD paycheck include a union fee deduction?

SDEA is required by law to represent and protect all certificated staff in the SDEA bargaining unit, even if those employees choose not to be members of the union.  SDEA members voted to approve a rule that bargaining unit members who choose not  to be members, but who receive the same union representation and protection as members, pay a “fair share” or ”agency” fee.  By default Visiting Teachers pay a fair share fee, but if you want to be a full union member access to member-only privileges (see other side for details) you must complete an SDEA membership form (available below).

Why are Visiting Teachers joining SDEA?

Visiting Teachers are joining SDEA because we know that we are stronger when we stand together!  With SDEA, Visiting Teachers have won the highest pay in San Diego County.  We know that we can accomplish more than ever before in our effort to improve our jobs if we come together.

When you choose to be an SDEA member, you choose to join with more than 7,000 educators in San Diego to stand up for better jobs and better schools.  SDEA membership includes the right to vote on the SDEA union contract and for union representatives, as well as eligibility to run for SDEA elected positions.

SDEA membership also includes several union privileges, including $1,000,000 liability insurance which protects union members while performing their job duties, discounted insurances, personal legal services, financial planning, and eligibility for union educational scholarships

 How can Visiting Teachers have a voice in SDEA?

SDEA members Visiting Teachers can elect and run for SDEA, CTA and NEA offices, including SDEA Representative, SDEA Council Representative, SDEA Board of Directors, CTA State Council Delegate, NEA Rep. Assembly and AFL-CIO Delegate.