Our Rights At Work

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Know Your Rights!

Visit the Contract Resources page to download valuable information that will help you defend the contract! View the “Know Your Rights!” flyers archive, contract FAQs, and other important resources for SDEA members to use.

Cover.docOur Union Contract

Do you know your rights if you are excessed? Asked to teach during your prep? Required to attend a weekly staff meeting? Visit the Our Union Contract page to download the contract in searchable PDF format. Knowing our contract will enable you to respond quickly and accurately when you believe your rights or the rights of a coworker are being violated. There is no reason not to be prepared!


MOUs and Other Agreements

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a document bargained during the term of the contract that carry the same weight as the contract itself. Visit the MOUs page for frequently used MOUs and other agreements reached during the term of the contract, such as the Common Core Side Letter.

Visiting Teacher Resources

Visiting teachers are an integral part of SDEA’s membership.  They have unique rights negotiated in the union contract (Article 32), and additional resources for Visiting Teachers can be found here.