SDEA Proposes Overhaul of Transfer Process and a Major Expansion of Parental and Other Leaves

SDUSD Proposes Gutting Our Transfer Article and Seniority Rights

Bargaining Update

May 19, 2017

Today’s bargaining session highlighted a growing division between SDEA members and the District. Do we want a District where decisions are made together by educators, administrators, classified workers, parents, and all community stakeholders? Or do we want a District where decisions are top-down and management driven, with no one else having a voice or a seat at the table?

SDEA members believe in the first vision, and advanced two key areas of our L.E.A.R.N.! campaign today to do exactly that. SDEA’s team proposed an entirely new transfer process that is fair and transparent, and a leave article that significantly expands parental and personal leave.

The top administration at SDUSD clearly believes in the second, top-down vision. The District’s transfer proposal would allow the District to transfer anyone, at any time in the year, for any reason! It completely guts seniority and all other protections for members currently in the contract, and gives unlimited authority on staffing decisions to Human Resources and site administrators. SDEA’s bargaining team truly wonders if the School Board had any clue “their” team would be making this proposal today. The words of the District’s proposal today sounded like they came right out of the mouth of Betsy DeVos— not what we would expect from a progressive Board that is rooted in labor.

N: No Destabilizing Our Schools through a Fair, Transparent Transfer Process

During the Bargaining Input Sessions, SDEA members stated loud and clear that the current transfer process does not work. It’s confusing, and it leads to more grievances than any other section of our contract. We need a transfer process that is clear, transparent, and involves the voices of all stakeholders—not just management.

SDEA’s Article 12: Transfer proposal includes:

  • The involvement of Governance Teams in the creation of school and program schedules for the following year, including excessing, vacancies and master schedules.
  • A separation of the involuntary and voluntary transfer process, with stronger seniority rights for excessed members and a meaningful bite at the apple for those who are voluntarily seeking a new position.
  • An earlier deadline for fall transfers, so schools aren’t reorganizing classes and losing teachers as late as Halloween.
  • More Governance Team Involvement in staffing decisions for multiple assignment and itinerant positions.
  • Clear rules and protections surrounding partial positions.
  • Expanded supports for moves between schools, or on your current campus.
  • Supports for members moved to a new subject, or more than two grade levels from your current grade level.
  • A $1,000 early notification bonus for members retiring or resigning.
  • Seniority protections when a school or program is reorganized.
  • A stronger, faster process for SDEA members to enforce violations of the transfer process.

In almost total contrast to what SDEA proposes, SDUSD proposes:

  • The removal of any and all due process rights for administrative transfers. If your principal thinks you’re a bad fit for your school, with three days notice, you can be removed. The only recourse is a non-binding meeting with your boss’ boss.
  • Excessed members would have the right to an interview, and that’s it. There is no guarantee of placement into any position you bid on.
  • Total elimination of seniority rights from the Post and Bid process.
  • Unlimited management rights for placement after the Post and Bid. If an excessed member doesn’t find a spot through Post and Bid, Human Resources can put that member anywhere they want.
  • The elimination of the October 31 deadline for transfers. The District could continue to excess members based on “site need” at any point in the year.
  • No requirement that excessing be tied to anything real, such as decline in enrollment. Principals can excess based on “site need” … as determined by the principal.
  • Multiple assignment members would lose the right to keep their own positions when rebundled.
  • Removal of all deadlines for itinerant member assignments, which could be changed at any point in the year.
  • A complete elimination of the ability of the union to look at the Post before it goes live, or attempt to problem-solve ahead of time.

SDEA’s bargaining team made it perfectly clear that the District’s proposal is the opposite of what SDEA members believe is right for our schools. We know that we will have a fight on our hands to win a transfer process that does not destabilize schools—and fight we will!

A: Attract and Keep the Best and Brightest with Competitive Leave Policies

SDUSD must offer leave policies that honor us as professionals, and compete with other local school districts.

SDEA’s Article 10: Leaves proposal includes:

  • Eight weeks of fully paid maternity leave for new mothers that does not come out of accrued leave.
  • Two weeks of fully paid bonding leave for all new parents that does not come out of accrued leave.
  • Ten more weeks of bonding leave using accumulated full-pay leave and then half-pay leave. (A new state law now provides 12 weeks of bonding using accumulated full-pay leave and then half-pay leave.)
  • Expand personal business leave from three days to 10 days.

SDEA’s proposal will allow SDUSD to compete with the Grossmont District, where our fellow CTA members recently won six weeks of fully paid maternity leave for new mothers. SDEA’s bargaining team reminded the District’s team that the United States is one of the only countries in the world that provides zero paid parental leave. The children of educators become the students we educate. Our proposal is right for our members, it’s right for our families, and it’s right for kids!

Also addressed were negotiations timelines and clean-up language regarding now-defunct “tracks” at year-round schools.

What’s Next?

  • Wear red next Thursday to show support for the L.E.A.R.N.! campaign and our fight against layoffs, as our team heads back to the bargaining table. See your site AR for stickers to wear as well!
  • Occupy the Ed. Center on Tuesday, May 30 — 4:15 at 4100 Normal St. There’s no reason the Board should not vote to recall every single one of Cindy Marten’s remaining 400+ layoffs that night!

SDEA Proposals:

SDUSD Proposals:

Tentative Agreement

District Withdraws Proposal to Cut Enrichment/Prep Time, Backs off of Plan to Centralize Prep Time Teachers for Now

Bargaining Update

April 28, 2017


Bargaining our next union contract is officially underway, and SDEA members are already making headway at the bargaining table. In anticipation of our first bargaining session yesterday, SDUSD sent over a proposal a week ago that would have completely eliminated the elementary enrichment/prep time program. In addition to cutting crucial enrichment for our students, their proposal would have slashed elementary educator prep time from roughly ten hours a month to less than four hours a month. Yesterday, in response to member pressure, SDUSD withdrew that proposal entirely. The District also agreed to honor our contract and cease any attempts to centralize elementary enrichment/prep positions for the 2017-18 school year, likely resolving the class action grievance and Unfair Labor Practice Charge that SDEA filed over their plan.

These immediate victories come on the heels of the first SDEA Town Hall, which was held the evening before bargaining began. More than 100 educators, parents and students showed up to call on School Board member Kevin Beiser to undo the District’s proposed cuts to prep time, recall layoffs, and commit to supporting SDEA’s L.E.A.R.N. contract campaign to secure the schools our students deserve. The pressure continued last night, with over a 100more showing up to make the same demands of School Board members Richard Barrera and Mike McQuary.

The SDEA bargaining team is building on the momentum union members are generating. SDEA’s first bargaining proposal, presented yesterday, would nearly double the elementary enrichment and prep time program. The SDEA Article 8: Hours proposal would also strengthen secondary prep time meeting prohibitions, expand protections for emergency coverage, expand the nurse and counselor work year by three days, strengthen shared decision making, and provide clear rules and supports for grade level/subject changes and on-site classroom moves.

While the District backing down on elementary enrichment and prep time now is a good first step, the District is only conceding this for the 2017-18 school year. SDEA’s bargaining team believes the District may still propose drastic changes to the elementary enrichment program for future years. Plus, the District’s bargaining team is already showing some red flags with bargaining behavior. They canceled our second bargaining session, which has been on the books for months. SDEA’s bargaining team expects the District’s bargaining team to show up prepared and bargain in good faith on the days we say we’re going to, and will be holding the District accountable if they don’t.

We bargain again on May 19. SDEA’s bargaining team will be prepared to make proposals on Leaves and Transfer.

All of this means we need to keep the pressure on! There is one more Town Hall on May 1 from 4-6 p.m. at the SDEA office (10393 San Diego Mission Rd.). Be there to make sure Superintendent Marten and School Board members Whitehurst-Payne and Evans commit to recalling layoffs and supporting our L.E.A.R.N. campaign at the bargaining table.

Together We Are Stronger!

Let’s say NO to layoffs and YES to L.E.A.R.N.!

District administration is creating a budget crisis to push through cuts that are bad for kids. They are planning to layoff 1 in every 8 educators, get rid of enrichment classes, and slash supports for our neediest students. Creating an environment of panic and instability is an opportunity to push through the cuts and reorganizations top administrators want, but that parents, educators and our school communities oppose.

These cuts are based on worst-case predictions, and they’ve been wrong every time. District administration doesn’t really know what its budget will be until June. Right now they are just guessing, and they have a long history of guessing wrong. Last year their budget was off by 48%, and in 2014-15 it was off by 94%! That’s $79 million! That’s why we are fighting back against teacher layoffs and slash- and-burn cuts.

Educators have a better plan for our schools. Educators aren’t getting distracted by this inflated crisis—and we don’t want parents to be, either. To move us forward, we’re launching a campaign to fight for a union contract that gives our kids and our schools the resources they really need.

Let’s join the contract fight to


Lower class size! Lower class sizes for every classroom means our students will get the attention they need to learn.

Expanded enrichment classes! Kids need art, PE, music and more to learn and grow. Plus, the time kids spend in enrichment classes gives their teachers time to plan and prepare.

Attract and keep the best educators! Our kids deserve the best, but San Diego educator pay is near the bottom half of all educators in the county. That’s why we’re fighting for competitive pay and benefits.

Resources for kids! We need more wrap-around resources, like counselors, nurses, and special education support, to make sure all of our kids get everything they need in order to learn.

No destabilizing schools! We want to start off the school year with teachers in place and ready to teach — no more last minute changes. Staffing policies should create stable schools and be fair.