Let’s say NO to layoffs and YES to L.E.A.R.N.!

District administration is creating a budget crisis to push through cuts that are bad for kids. They are planning to layoff 1 in every 8 educators, get rid of enrichment classes, and slash supports for our neediest students. Creating an environment of panic and instability is an opportunity to push through the cuts and reorganizations top administrators want, but that parents, educators and our school communities oppose.

These cuts are based on worst-case predictions, and they’ve been wrong every time. District administration doesn’t really know what its budget will be until June. Right now they are just guessing, and they have a long history of guessing wrong. Last year their budget was off by 48%, and in 2014-15 it was off by 94%! That’s $79 million! That’s why we are fighting back against teacher layoffs and slash- and-burn cuts.

Educators have a better plan for our schools. Educators aren’t getting distracted by this inflated crisis—and we don’t want parents to be, either. To move us forward, we’re launching a campaign to fight for a union contract that gives our kids and our schools the resources they really need.

Let’s join the contract fight to


Lower class size! Lower class sizes for every classroom means our students will get the attention they need to learn.

Expanded enrichment classes! Kids need art, PE, music and more to learn and grow. Plus, the time kids spend in enrichment classes gives their teachers time to plan and prepare.

Attract and keep the best educators! Our kids deserve the best, but San Diego educator pay is near the bottom half of all educators in the county. That’s why we’re fighting for competitive pay and benefits.

Resources for kids! We need more wrap-around resources, like counselors, nurses, and special education support, to make sure all of our kids get everything they need in order to learn.

No destabilizing schools! We want to start off the school year with teachers in place and ready to teach — no more last minute changes. Staffing policies should create stable schools and be fair.